Collaborative Educational and Conservation Partners

The development and implementation of Rivers & Birds educational programs and outreach succeeds only as a result of strong community support and collaboration. We are grateful to all of the following organizations that are committed to Rivers & Birds’ educational efforts.

Schools (currently participating in programming)

  • Taos School District
  • Taos Pueblo Day School
  • Taos Charter School
  • Vista Grande High School
  • Anansi Day School
  • Taos Integrated School of the Arts
  • Alta Vista Elementary School

Educational Partners

The following organizations share their expertise and time in instruction and mentoring for youth and adults through Rivers & Birds’ conservation and wilderness education programs.

  • New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
  • Taos Valley Acequia Association
  • Volunteer Task Force
  • New Mexico State Environment Department
  • Cultural Energy
  • KNCE Radio Station
  • KTAO Radio Station
  • KRZA Radio Station
  • KXMT/KVOT/KKIT Radio Stations
  • Picuris Pueblo Environment Department
  • Taos Pueblo Environment Department
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • New Mexico State University Plant Materials Center
  • Town of Taos
  • US Forest Service
  • Taos Cooperative Extension Service
  • Los Rios River Runners

Conservation Partners

Rivers & Birds collaborates with the following organizations and coalitions to advocate for conservation of our public lands.

  • The Wilderness Society
  • Pew Charitable Trust
  • New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
  • Amigos Bravos
  • New Mexico Wildlife Federation
  • Friends of Rio Grande del Norte National Monument
  • The Veterans Center for Healing Wellness
  • Sierra Club