Emily L. Bradley Memorial Fund

The Emily L. Bradley Memorial Fund was created in August 2006 to honor Mrs. Bradley, a long-time Barranca Mesa Elementary School teacher of generations of Los Alamos sixthe graders, who was well known for fostering creativiy and life-long learning and for her compassion and generosity. The fund was established to provide annual opportunities to deserving sixth graders in northern New Mexico to attend a experiential education program emphasizing intellectual or artistic pursuits.

Emily L. Bradley was born and raised in Utica, New York. Upon obtaining a Bachelor’s of Arts degree and marrying, she moved westward with her husband, a few years later settling n northern New Mexico. After receiving a Master’s degree in teaching, Mrs. Bradley taught elementary school for approximately 40 years; many of those years she taught sixth grade in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Fellow teachers describe Mrs. Bradley as “an inspirational teacher”, “encouraging students to be aware of the arts,” expecting students to work to their potential”, “very funny and smart”, “a wonderful sense of humor”,”a lover of language”,”a great editor”, “a teacher who always made learning interesting and fun”. She strongly believed in life-long learning and in discovering one’s aptitudes and working to one’s full potential. She encouraged and modeled creativity, thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, and honesty. Her husband remembers numerous instances of students from classes long past who were thrilled to see her again and who told her she had been one of the most influential teachers in their lives. Her daughters established the Emily L. Bradley Memorial Fund to continue to offer opportunities to sixth grade students to discover their aptitudes and develop their potential.