Shay Kelly Memorial Fund

Shay "Che" Mares-Kelly, was a bright promising, smiling young man, who went too early - only twenty. He loved the outdoors - mountain biking, rockclimbing, backpacking, absolute Frisbee, racquet ball, dancing and mountain climbing. He also cared for the outdoors and Mother Earth - thus he went to the University of Colorado to learn Environmental Studies - to better care for Mother Earth.

His few words has great meaning. His smile always began soft and slowly until it warmly hugged you. Shay's favorite poet was Pablo Neruda.

Shay was at the University of Santiago, Chile studying Environmental Studies and working in an orphanage. He was killed by a car in Patagonia Chile.

The Native Americans of the Andes believe that when a young, beautiful person like Shay dies - he becomes a Paloma, a Dove, and flies over the Andes and cares for the people who live there. They said the Andes are connected to the Rockies so he is caring for the people of the Rockies also.

So we know that Shay is with us and thus we set up the Shay Kelly Memorial to support organizations like Rivers and Birds - which Shay would have done as well.