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 It is the season to join with community in our historic tradition of irrigating our agricultural lands through our acequias. This 20 minute film is a beautiful primer that explains our acequia tradition. 



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We Must Remember That All is Connected!

This new short video expresses the key to a sane future.  Aho. Peace for All.


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Another Gourmet Organic Bake Sale on Saturday, Dec. 15 at CID'S

This is not your ordinary bake sale.  With chefs like Martha Fielding, Meibao and Roberta, we have a phenomenal array of delectable homemade foods from organic goat cheeses to sauerkraut and kimchee, cakes and cookies.  Everything is organic and we also have wheat free  and vegan goodies.  Stop by anytime between 9:30 am - 4:30 pm this coming Saturday and we'll be there! Proceeds benefit Rivers & Birds conservation efforts.  Thanks for your support.


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Birds of Paradise

This outstanding short film of the Birds of Paradise underscores the magic of Planet Earth! Enjoy!

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We Are All Connected!

Just a friendly reminder, in case you forgot.

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