Teen Environmental Internships

A couple of years ago Rivers & Birds unexpectedly started receiving requests from local teens who wanted to serve as environmental interns. We were impressed that so many youth took the initiative to call us as we had no formal program for teens at the time. So of course we said yes.

It has been an inspiring journey for us to see just how powerful teens can be if given the opportunity and the right connections. Our Rivers & Birds teen interns have had the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama and nine Nobel Peace Laureates.  They have developed confidence and integrity as workshop participants led by professional Leadership Coaches Christine Warren, and Janur Yasa.  They have backpacked into the Mount Blanca wilderness.  They have led a plastic recycling campaign in Taos.
They presented film introductions for Rivers & Birds WILD FILM Festival.  They have planted native Trees along the Rio Grande.  They have led environmental education discussions on half-hour radio programs.  They have written informative editorials to the local newspaper on conservation issues.  They have co-taught our nine-day Watershed Learning Project.  They have planted a blackberry patch for a local community center.  They have helped raise Pennies for Peace to help Greg Mortenson build schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

It does not matter what your age is, rather it is your passion and confidence that shapes you as a leader.  To see young people follow their hearts and embody their dreams can other people of all ages to action.




Current Ongoing projects include:

  • A “Pennies for Peace Campaign” to help Greg Mortenson of the Central Asia Institute to build schools and wells for communities in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Native Tree Plantings along the Rio Grande.