Tree Planting


Rivala’s story

A tiny box arrived at Rivers & Birds office in March 2006. Inside the box was $9 neatly wrapped in blue paper with and a small note from a local eight year old girl, Rivala.


Rivers & Birds promptly launched the Rivala Tree Fund for Taos. Over the years, many other children and adults have planted trees with us.

In Rivala’s own words:

"The dream I used to have and still have is that a giant would come and pluck up all the bad things from Mother Earth and have Mother Earth be the way she was thousands of years ago. When I donated nine dollars to Rivers and Birds I just wanted to donate money to something that would help the earth. I think that trees are very important .They give shade and oxygen and places for the birds to sit and rest. I love animals and trees and everything on the Earth and if we could change things, we would live in a much different world that would last much longer."

Rivers & Birds' community members, including public school students, have planted 650 native trees along the Rio Grande in the newly established Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

Commemorate the 50th Anniversery of the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River by planting a tree with us in 2018!

Express your gratitude for this magnificent planet that gives us life. Plant a tree through our youth-driven tree planting program Rivala Tree Fund.

You and your loved ones are invited to our next planting!

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