RIVERS & BIRDS honors our Earth providing conservation education
and advocacy to inspire Earth stewardship.

Projects and Programs in Focus

  • Columbine Hondo Wilderness Protection Project - Your Support is Needed!

    Help protect the magnificent Columbine Hondo Wilderness for future generations, our largest public wilderness in Taos County!  In April 2012, Senator Jeff Bingaman and Senator Tom Udall introduced  Bill S.2468 to Congress to permanently protect this precious headwater wilderness for present and future generations, but that bill did not pass in Congress.  In 2013, Senator Udall and Heinrich  introduced Bill S. 776 and Congressman Lujan introduced Bill HR 1683 to designate the Columbine Hondo for permanent protection as a formal Wilderness.  In 2014 Rivers & Birds continued to build support within the Columbine Hondo Wilderness Coalition. Remember your citizen support is pivotal in ensuring the success of this bill.

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  • Watershed Learning Project - 5th Grade

    The Watershed Learning Project is a science enhancement program for ALL fifth grade students (underachieving to proficient) that inspires a love for the environmental sciences, and imparts critical conservation values, preparing these students for a sustainable future.

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  • Living Earth Experiential Workshops

    Explore the Earth in hands-on ways with master teachers. Our 2012 workshops will explore the tapestry of birdsong, and our relationship to the Earth.

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