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Direct Donation


Gift of a Guardian $40

Become a Rivers & Birds Member to shine your light on Rivers & Birds’ mission.

Gift of Deep Roots $50

Contributes to a native tree planting along the Rio Grande.

Gift of Wilderness $100

Support Rivers & Birds' ongoing efforts to permanently protect wild and pristine lands for the benefit of present and future generations.

Gift of a Journey $150

Sponsor a school bus to transport a class of students for an educational trip into nature.

Gift to Sprout an Earth Steward $250

Sponsor one public school 5th grader to attend our nine-day Watershed Learning Project, where students venture into nature for environmental learning.

Gift of a Wilderness Adventure $500

Sponsor one public school 3rd grade class for two days of wilderness exploration on local public lands. Students learn about wilderness values and conservation.

Gift of a Monumental Adventure $1800

Your gift takes one 4th grade class for two days of hiking and rafting in Rio Grande del Norte National Monument as they learn conservation ethics.

Gift of a Water Learning Adventure $5000

Sponsor an entire class of public school 5th grade students for Rivers & Birds' nine-day Watershed Learning Project. Students venture outside onto public lands to investigate water conservation through hands-on learning.

Open Donation

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Planned giving and Endowments

Support Rivers & Birds programs through planned giving or endowment contributions. These options offer significant benefits to you, the donor, and provide the financial stability that enables Rivers & Birds to thrive. If you are interested in giving in this way, please contact us.


Stock Donations

We are now also accepting stock donations. Please contact us and we will organize any transfers with your financial advisor.

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