Direct Donation


Inspire environmental conservation by donating to Rivers & Birds. Your gift promotes environmental care and education for present and future generations in the upper Rio Grande watershed.

Gift of a guardian - $40

Become a Rivers & Birds Member to shine your light on our mission.

Gift of Deep Roots - $50

Contributes to a native tree planting along the Rio Grande.

Gift of Wilderness - $100

Support Rivers & Birds' ongoing efforts to permanently protect wild and pristine lands for the benefit of present and future generations.

Gift of a Journey - $150

Sponsor a school bus trip to transport a class of students into nature for a wonderful educational experience.

Gift to Sprout an Earth Steward - $200

Sponsor one public school 5th grader to attend our nine-day Watershed Learning Project, where students venture into nature for environmental learning.

Gift of a Wilderness Adventure - $500

Sponsor one public school 3rd grade class for two days of wilderness exploration on local public lands. Students learn about wilderness values and conservation.

Gift of a Monumental Adventure - $1,800

Your gift takes a full 4th grade class on two days of hiking and rafting in Rio Grande del Norte National Monument as they learn conservation ethics.

Gift of Watershed Learning - $5,000

Sponsor a whole class of public school 5th grade students for Rivers & Birds' nine-day Watershed Learning Project. Students venture outside onto public lands to investigate water conservation through hands-on learning.

Open Donation

Support Rivers & Birds by donating an amount of your choice!


Rivers & Birds is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation under IRC section 501(c)(3).

All contributions are tax deductible as provided by law.

How Rivers & Birds uses funds

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Other Ways to give

Mountain Chikadee photo by  Juanjo Segura .

Mountain Chikadee photo by Juanjo Segura.

By Mail:

Rivers & Birds
PO Box 819
Arroyo Seco, NM 87514

By Phone:
(575) 776-5200

(575) 776-7159

By Email:
Send an email to with your name and phone number and we will contact you to take a donation over the phone.

Estate Planning and Endowments:

Support Rivers & Birds programs through planned giving or endowment contributions. These options offer significant benefits to you, the donor, and provide the financial stability that enables Rivers & Birds to thrive. If you are interested in giving in this way, please contact us any of the ways listed above.

Stock Donations:

We now accept stock donations! Please contact us and we will organize a transfer with your financial advisor. This a great option for tax savings.