About Us

Since 1999 Rivers & Birds has been providing conservation education programs in New Mexico. Today our programs are conducted by a skilled staff of scientists, research biologists, educators, teen interns and volunteers.





Rivers & Birds provides experiential education adventures
that celebrate the interconnection of all life and
inspire individuals as leaders for Earth stewardship and peace.


We, at Rivers & Birds, are committed to honoring the Earth and each other by spending time together in Nature. When we do this, we embody greater awareness of the interconnection of all life and begin to heal ourselves and the planet.

Rivers & Birds’ main goals are to conserve our natural environment and to promote local cultural traditions that demonstrate balance with nature. We believe that, for a healthy, peaceful future we must all, children and adults alike, understand and strengthen our sense of self in relationship to the physical world around us.

In our educational programs we include our ancestors and cultural elders (both Native American and Hispanic) who have lived by an agricultural system that honored nature. Having a multigenerational, multicultural focus provides valuable role modeling for youth. Using positive learning adventures, we teach the connectedness of all systems: natural, living, and manmade.

In our community:

Rivers & Birds offers evening seminars and hands-on workshops, environmental awareness events, community film screenings, environmental art and photography opportunities and exhibitions, and depending on the year, our acclaimed Wild Film Festival (fall) and the Eco Film Series (spring).

Rivers & Birds also offers guided educational hikes and river trips for all ages. By exploring relationships within Nature we celebrate Earth’s diversity and create opportunities within ourselves and our communities to personify her magnificence.

We create educational media such as our award-winning documentary “Nuestras Acequias”, our recently released CD “Wild Tales” and our Earthbeat Radio series.
To find out more visit Projects, Events and Radio.

Rivers & Birds’ environmental teen leadership program makes substantial contributions to the community through programs such as the Rivala Tree Fund and Plastic Recycling campaign.

In public schools:

Rivers & Birds leads students and teachers, along with community leaders, on scientific, historic, and cultural journeys into nature designed to connect them to the environment. Our award-winning, hands-on, experiential Watershed Learning Project is presented yearly to over five hundred 5th grade students in Taos County. We also have a similar program for second grade students, the Water Wonder Program. To find out more visit Programs.

In Wilderness:

In 2009 Rivers & Birds embarked on a wilderness conservation focus, when we began a human use survey of wilderness areas in our backyard in collaboration with Carson National Forest. We were surprised to learn that even though New Mexico is relatively low in human population and large in landmass, it has the lowest percentage of wilderness of any western state. It is important to ensure that these wilderness jewels are managed well and that potential wilderness areas are identified and promoted. Rivers & Birds is working in collaboration with The Wilderness Society, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and the New Mexico Wildlife Federation and others on a project to protect NM wilderness.

In research:

Rivers & Birds founders and staff include wildlife biologists. We have extensive experience in bird identification and in riparian restoration efforts.

Our professional staff and associates provide ecological research experience and data analysis to local, state, and federal land managers. Since 1999 we have worked provide biological service for the following land management entities:

  • Picuris Pueblo (three years of breeding bird surveys and a botanical survey);
  • BLM along the Pecos Rivers and the Rio Bonito (eight years of riparian breeding bird surveys) US Forest Service (Spotted Owl Surveys)
  • NM Game & Fish Department (3-Year Statewide Assessment of Yellow-billed Cuckoo)